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 Just Doubles Tournament
January 6-8, 2017

Tournament Director
John French
(707) 628-2333

We will be posting match
videos again this year.

However, we are unable to record every match due to limited resources. 

We were able to record 19 matches last year and hope to at least double that number.  

If you would like to have your match recorded, please email John before the start of the tournament.

3.5 MEN
Tyler Salisbury and John VanCampen
Randy Harrill and Kent Slinkard
James Gause and Charles Alston
Less Murray and Aaron Veder
Lynn Ward and Tyler Wade
Johnnie Brown and Dylan March
Carleton Coleman and Melez Hampton

4.0 MEN
John Peterson and L.J. Brock
John Bunch and Greg Rashke
John Dunn and Randy Richardson
​John Brown and Destry Jordon
Jose Porrua and Dat Pham
Carl Furr and Chris Stanley
John Parsons and Dave Rowe
Dale Lamb and Corey Oliphant
Justin FajFar and Rob Schaefer
Curt Miller and David McNeil
Josh Harward and Bruno Verni
Jeff Media and Johnathan Chang
Nick Lowman and Alex Wilson
Melvin Tolbert and Lenord Sterdavent
Josh Collins and Gerard Auvergne
Kevin Wolborsky and Chris Brown
Ken Gibbs and Anthony Jones
James Sills and James Murphy

4.5 MEN
J.​B. Lawrence and Adam Troxell 
Matt Kerl and Yubie Albert
Michael Ward and Jason Abhau
Strickland Parks and Jonathan Crooms
Brandon Brown and Scott Clark
​Billy Davis and Andrew Smith
Carlos Garcia-Shelton and Darren Clary
Jay White and Michael Hoyle
Kenneth Biser and Tim Rufiange
Zach Nelson and Drake Kane
​Mrinal Das and Todd Garcia
Evan Wharton and Art Baker
Jeffery Smith Stephen Laroche

​Michael Benkowitz and Derek Norman
​Jeffrey Fadool and Andrew Stewart
Howard Huang and Travis Sandman
Malik Daniel and Marco Zivkovic
Rohan Chandrasekhar and Nico Grewe
2017 PARTICIPANTS       Entry is closed.  We have reached our Limit on Teams as of 12/5/2016 at 12:35pm.

Shruti Nagaraj and Thea Mastros
Erica Sykut and Myra Peterson
Nichole Allen and Robin Ward Miler
Katie Sizemore and Lauren Suggs
Allison Graves and Francie LaRue

Sue Norcia and Cindy Callahan
Kenley Hazel and Olivia Kafer
Bernie David-Yerumo and Queen Hargrove
Anna McLean and Glands Artis

Aileen Carroll and Michelle Benkowitz
​Heather Slinkard and Karen Mckee
Michelle Vedder and Annette Page
Deno John and Keisha Price
Amy Sellers and Courtney Whalen
Cynthia Jones and Cindy Smith

Women's 4.5
​Erin Piechocinski and Mary K. Walston
Allison Ostrander and Rachel Davis
​Lois Vucich and Leigh Mullins
Elizabeth Speicher and Hannah Lebowitz
Lynise DeVance and Sheryletta Lacewell
Jemma Spohnholtz and Michelle Bass

Women's Open
​Macy Fisher and Kris McGrath
​Kristen Kepler and Lauren Brooker
Ashley and Jamie Rogers
Jennifer Moore and Jennifer McEntee
Emily Tinervin and Diofra Azucenas
​Steven Rochkind and Jacquelyn Bartlett
Randy Allen and Nichole Allen
Kenley Hazel and Jay Hazel
Pamela Hankerson and Treyvond Merritt

John and Myra Peterson
Lynn Ward and Kayla Tillman
Robin Ward Miller and Curt Miller
Less Murray and Annette Page
​Michelle Vedder and Aaron Vedder
Fred Holding and Tracy Harris
Olivia Kafer and Tyler Wade
Olivia Ward and Dylan March

Mandy Albert and Cody Vinson
Craig Schauman and Lois Vucich
Jose Porrua and Christine Lee
Beth Huebner and Cecil Martin
​Dale and Sharon Lambe
Susan Kohlhausen and Ajit Anthony
Allison Ostrander and John Van Campen
Josh Collins and Christina Alderequia
Deno John and Eric Emmanuel
Keisha Price and Dempsey Farmer
Melvin Tolbert and Michelle Benson
Larry O'Briant and Bernie David-Yerumo
Evan Wharton and Tanita Tedamrongwanis
Theresa Dafford and Destry Jordan
Lynise DeVance and Brandon Evans

Ellie Johnson and Strickland Parks
Michael Ward and Ashley Rogers
Yubie Albert and Erin Piechocinski
​William Callhoun and Emily Tinervin
Hamilton Dickson and Michelle Then
Mrinal Das and Elizabeth Speicher
Jeffrey Fadool and Jemma Spohnholtz
​Cynthia Jones and Barry Bullock
Marcia Fort and Malik Daniel

​Macy Fisher and Glen Kitner
Kristen Kepler and Andy Jackson
Cameron Rosenow and Kris McGrath
Jamie Rogers and Thomas Persico
Jennifer Moore and Michael Benkowitz
Kim Ezzo and Howard Huang
 Please contact John French if your name is posted 
 incorrectly or you need to change partners/divisions.
Remember, you are not officially entered until your entry fee has been paid. If you are on the participant list and have not payed, you will be taken off the list. 
Please go to entry page to make your payment. Thank You.